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A & M General Contracting, LLC is a construction company that prides itself in producing a quality product at a reasonable cost. Arthur Mitchell is the co-founder of A & M General Contracting, LLC. Art began rehabilitating Chicago Graystones in the late 1980s and started building new construction in 1994 while continuing to rehabilitate and remodel older buildings. Art has been involved in building and developing hundreds of homes for nearly 30 years. He enjoys the whole construction process and being hands-on during all phases of development. Art continues to study the latest construction processes, available materials, and building techniques to aid him in staying relevant and improving the quality of the projects he engages in.

Marek Jajcay is A & M General Contracting, LLC’s other co-founder. Marek learned the construction business at an early age. During his years in Pezinok, Slovakia, he built single-family homes, offices, and warehouses. Over the past 3 years, Marek has overseen over 30 construction projects that were primarily single-family homes.

Marek spends much of his time meeting with contractors to ensure the level of quality meets his high standards. Marek has brought his knowledge and expertise from the European quality homes and office spaces he’s built. His love for building and high level of quality is evident in the style and finishes our clients receive.

Art and Marek are proud of each and every project they have had the privilege to work on. The logical and conservative approach that A & M operated by has allowed them to weather the storm and ensure their clients that A & M General Contracting, LLC will be there in the future to help them with their changing needs.

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